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Legally changing your name and gender marker with the state of your birth can be a difficult process. Then add getting a new birth certificate, social security card, driver's license, and more. You can quickly see how this can be overwhelming and stressful. The government forms are involved and sometimes confusing. The steps for filing are also involved and multi-step. Your Identity Transitions can help. We have the required documents and have experience with the process. After you receive your court order for your name change, we will order a new birth certificate with your proper name and gender. If you desire, we will also assist you in getting your new driver's license, social security card, US passport, and any other documents your require.

We provide our services remotely allowing us to work with clients from every part of the United States. Meetings can be held remotely on the phone, on Discord, or Zoom Meetings.

To learn more about how our services can help you with Your Identity Transitions, book a Free Phone, Text, or Email Consultation. You can also Request a Quote to learn how much the whole process will cost. Or, if you have a question, contact us using the form on the Contact Page. Your Identity Transitions offers consultations and meetings during work and evening hours. Choose a time that works best for you!

Special arrangements can be made in cases of financial hardship.

Our Identity Transitions Services

Court Order for Name & Gender Marker Change ~ Birth Certificate

 Driver's License ~ Social Security Card ~ US Passport

Other Identification Documents

What to Expect

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